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Melvyn completed a 5 year technology apprenticeship for EMI Music and took an HND in electronics & electrical engineering. During this time he worked in vinyl disc manufacturing and high speed cassette duplication and distribution areas. He also spent 2 years with EMI Audio Research, helping with the design and testing of the EMI TG analogue mixing and post production audio consoles.

He then moved to Abbey Road Studios where he worked for 30 years, initially maintaining analogue equipment, with particular responsibility for analogue tape recording. Latterly he was responsible for the installation and support of Abbey Road’s post production facilities which included disc cutting, CD mastering, classical editing, and re-mastering rooms, DVD authoring and audio for film production rooms, all of which were digitally networked together.

Melvyn started a technology training and support programme for Abbey Road & EMI staff to help them understand and manage the introduction of new technologies such as digital CD and DVD. He also instigated and delivered induction training for new staff. He has recently been representing EMI with the assessment of digital watermarking and copy protection technologies, working with ifpi, RIAA and other music associations.

Since leaving EMI he has been working as an independent consultant and is currently assisting a charity for blind people with a project to digitize an audio cassette library to make books available on CD and online.