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Tony is a freelance Music Engineer/Producer based in the U.K. His career in the music business started at Trident Studios in London but he made his name as an engineer at the now legendary Island Studios. He has been fortunate to work in most of the best studios around the world recording some of the best artists including Bob Marley, AC/DC, Buddy Guy and more recently The Bad Plus.

Tony embraces the philosophy of enhancing music by the use of technology rather than allowing the technology to dictate. To do this he has always kept very much apace with the rapid advances in audio and music technology that are taking place. His constant desire to try new recording techniques and musical styles has led to involvement with artists from many musical genres.

This involvement often takes the form of artist development and to this end, he has joined with Haydn Bendall, former Abbey Road engineer/producer to share a small studio at The Strongroom.

He is pleased to be a member of the working group for JAMES (Joint Audio Media Education Support) and is a director of the Music Producers Guild, whilst occasionally providing guest lectures and workshops for several universities running music industry courses worldwide.