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Gus Dudgeon Foundation & JAMES Summer Course 2012
Listen to the song recorded during the course - 'Robert's Song' by Tereza - Mixed by Phil Harding


Adib Mehrabi from the University of the West of England is 'Student of the Week'
at the GDF/JAMES Summer Course!

Pictured above is GDF/JAMES 'Student of the Week' Adib Mehrabi with his awards; an sE Munro Egg Monitoring system donated by
Sonic Distribution and a Focusrite IAS One donated by Focusrite. On the left is producer Phil Harding and the right Glamorgan University's Dan Turner.

Adib commented, "The Gus Dudgeon summer school was a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded peers in a similar position to myself. Working with a great producer, talented musicians and a skilled engineer gave a valuable insight into the production of a pop music song from a demo to a final record. The course made it possible to learn this process in a way that can only be achieved in a professional, real world environment. Many thanks to all at JAMES, MPG, APRS and the sponsors for creating opportunities like this for graduating students."

Tuesday 17th July - Phil Harding reports

"The basic backing track of Tereza's 'Robert Song' was successfully laid down yesterday (Monday) with great performances from Ben Haines on Drums - Matt Waddell on Bass - Greg Fitch on electric guitar - Gill Edwards on keyboards and Tereza on acoustic guitar and guide vocals. It was a tough day technically as coaxing the wonderful Gus Dudgeon MCI JH500 desk is not easy when working for such a full line up, even after being lovingly restored by the Glamorgan University team - lead by Dan Turner - it still often needs multiple 'hits' on various pots and buttons to get a clean signal to tape…

Today (Tuesday) we've progressed with guitar and keyboard overdubs and made full use on both days of the loan mics and equipment from our sponsors. The Rupert Neve RN17's have been brilliant on drums for HH and on the acoustic guitars. The RNR1's also wonderful as a front pair on the drums. The Unity Boulder monitors and the SE Rupert Neve Egg monitors have both been a treat to work on so far.."

IMG_2641 IMG_9398

Wednesday 18th July
"Today finished fabulously here at the Gus Dudgeon Suite in the Glamorgan University, Cardiff. We completed guitar overdubs using a combination of the Telefunken Elam 251 and the Rupert Neve RN17 on acoustics from Greg Fitch and the artist Tereza. We also completed keyboards with Gill Edwards, the session arranger working with us, using the Novation Ultranova synth and the acoustic piano here mic-ed with the SE 4400 and the same Telefunken Elam 251 and the Rupert Neve RN17 combination.
We then set ourselves up for vocals last night, ready to record with Tereza today and had some interesting mic comparisons and interesting mic pre-amp comparisons - I'll give you the results of that tomorrow… We've mainly been monitoring with a combination of the Unity Boulders (Loud) and the sE Munro Eggs (wonderful). We're currently setting up for our 6pm string session - using virtually all of the microphones on loan… By the way, the sE Voodoo ribbon sounded great on the electric guitar overdubs yesterday."

IMG_2622 IMG_9383

Thursday 19th July
"We're just about to put our final overdubs onto 'Robert Song' for Tereza, a 3 piece brass section to complement some of the guitar and vocal parts already recorded. Last night we had a wonderful 10 piece string section in and did 3 different passes of 3 different complementing arrangements by Gill Edwards and although that was a fairly small section we ended up with an enormous sound thanks to some great mic choices and great engineering from Dan Turner and Gwilliam Jones. The sERN 17's were put to good use yet again, mainly on violins and the sE T2 sounded great on some solo cello parts today. Having used the Telefunken Elam251 largely on vocals since Wednesday we decided the Gemini 2 has been great today for backing vocals with Tereza and her friend Laura O'Connell, really great open sound. The ribbon mics from Rupert Neve will be put through their paces tonight for the brass with the RNR1's being used as a stereo close pair and the sE Voodoo VR 1's will be tested close up. We have generally gone with the in-house Microtech Geffel M930's as room mics for both the strings last night and the brass today, we also tried them on drum overheads on day 1. The Focusrite ISA 1 has been in constant use as has the Novation UltraNova keyboard. Tereza is coping well with the mega amount of technology and overdubs onto her song and we're all looking forward to the mix sessions tomorrow…"

Cardiff1 Cardiff2

Friday 20th July
"Our brass session went really well Thursday evening - the musicians again abley guided by our arranger Gill Edwards. The 3 piece brass section had a variation of mics - the sERN R1s as a close stereo pair gave us a classic ribbon mic combo and the close mics were a combination of 414s, sE 4400s and a classic '87 on the sax, again the Microtech Geffel M930s were distance room ambience mics.

So, onto some 'speed' mixing for our last day in the studio. The idea was that I would do a mix in the first part of the day and Dan Turner would do a mix in the latter half, giving the students the benefit of seeing two different styles of mixing. At last we had some clear time and chance to put some of the other loan equipment through it's paces. We used the Cartec eq on kick which sounded great, like a cross between Pultec and API. The Focusrite Liquid channel was on the lead vocal for compression and the Portico 11 stereo bus processor was put through its paces by Dan Turner on the overall mix. It was a day of quick decisions and lots of editing and tweaking. We got a great result in the end and we'll link you to both mixes very soon. I'll also be doing another reference mix when I get home and all 9 students will deliver a mix as part of completing the Masters Module that has been embedded into the week's work by Glamorgan University."


Nominated Students

David Kuratsu, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.
"David has been the outstanding student in his year throughout his degree. He is highly enthusiastic about all things audio and has developed excellent sound engineering skills in his time here at Anglia Ruskin. He is never afraid to experiment and has successfully carried out a number of really challenging recording assignments. He sets himself extremely high standards in all aspects of his work. and thoroughly deserves this great opportunity." - Course Leader, John Ward.

Ifan Jones, University of Glamorgan’s Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries.
"He has shown consistent improvement during the course which has resulted in him achieving this 1st class honours and produced some excellent work in recording engineering, Sound for Film & Television, Project studio production and advanced sound synthesis. He is a modest individual and it has been good to watch his confidence grow and him mature into a responsible and excellent student, well respected by staff and peers alike." - Course Leader, Gwilliam Jones.

Bartosz Piekarski, Buckinghamshire New University, High Wycombe.
"Over the three years of his degree he has always managed to find interesting and unique projects to record. His final piece of work was an Irish folk singer with whom he managed to produce a very commercial sound. Combining his practical skills, thirst for gaining knowledge and the experience that this course offers will help him decide which path in 'audio' he will take in the future."

Nick Violet, Northbrook College, Worthing.
"Recommended for his consistently high standard of work. Nick has been with us for five years and demonstrated insight and independence every stage of the way. It is predicted he will graduate this year with a first class honours degree." - Course Leader, Paul King.

Dijon Wall, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds.
"Dijon has worked tirelessly throughout his degree to improve on all aspects of his recording practice. He has worked as part of a team to record a jazz quartet and produced a well-balanced and representative individual mix meeting the client’s expectations and requirements." - Course Leader, Steve Parker.

Ross Watson, University of Abertay, Dundee.
Ross Watson has managed to pursue his academic studies at the same time as engaging in his passion for Electronic Dance Music (EDM). He has combined both elements for his Honours year project, investigating the history and evolution of EDM. Ross always approached this with an enthusiasm that was infectious and a commitment that was admirable. He will certainly enjoy the opportunity to further his skills and experience." - Course Leader, Peter O'Hare

Adib Mehrabi, University of West England, Bristol.
"I would like to nominate Adib Mehrabi for the summer course. He is showing excellent promise as a sound mixer and is also looking at a possible career in academia so he is ideal!" - Course Leader, Stephen Allan.

Jonathan Sagis, LIPA, Liverpool.
"Jonathan is from Israel, is also the graduating Sennheiser Scholar this year, and has consistently performed at or near the top of his class in the area of music production / engineering." - Course Leader, Jon Thornton.

John Campbell, Coventry University, Coventry.
"John Campbell was chosen from the cohort at Coventry University for two reasons. Firstly, he has shown consistent and high quality achievement in modules related to recording and production. Secondly, he has demonstrated a high level of motivation towards being part of the Gus Dudgeon Summer School in order to develop his future work either for postgraduate study or employment." - Course Leader, Mark Thorley.

2012 ‘Adopt a Student’ sponsors

Sonic Distribution
"We are delighted to be supporting JAMES, The Gus Dudgeon Foundation and the UK’s top graduating students from JAMES accredited audio engineering courses with this inspiring education initiative" comments Jeremy Lumsden, Sonic Distribution Marketing Director. Sonic have kindly donated sE microphones, Egg monitors and Rupert Neve Designs mic-pres and compressors to the foundation for the summer course. Jeremy Lumsden continues “We’re looking forward to sharing the students’ experiences on our dedicated Gus Dudgeon / JAMES News Feed and we’re delighted to announce that the ‘student-of-the-week’ will WIN an sE microphone of their choice or (if they need new studio monitors) an sE Munro Egg Monitoring System”.

UNITY LOGO Silver-hi-res
Unity Audio
Kevin Walker comments, "I'm delighted and honoured for Unity Audio to be involved again with the GDF. Unity Audio strives for audio excellence with the products we represent and manufacture, and it's a perfect association as the GDF represents the cream of up and coming UK engineering/production talent. For the week of the course, we're supplying The Boulder 3 way monitors, Telefunken Elam 251, Cartec Pre-Q5 500 series pre-amp and FE-Q5 500 series EQ."



Michael Simkins LLP
"We are very happy to support the work of JAMES and the Gus Dudgeon Foundation. The students they encourage, as part of the next generation of sound technicians and producers, will have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy learning the skills which will always be at the heart of the recorded music industry. It is a pleasure for us to contribute to their development of these skills." - Richard Taylor, Simkins.



"Everyone at Focusrite is thrilled to be supporting the finest students from the JAMES accredited audio engineering course", states Giles Orford, Marketing Director at Focusrite. "For Focusrite, Sound is Everything, and we know that everyone at the Gus Dudgeon Foundation, and all the students on the course feel the same way. We can't wait to see what innovative ways the students come up with to make the most of the Focusrite Liquid Channel, ISA One mic pre, Novation UltraNova and SL MkII controllers we're providing during this week."
Breaking News - Focusrite are giving an ISA One mic pre-amp to the 'Student of the Week'.


PMI Audio
"PMI Audio is honoured to be supporting all who are associated with the JAMES accredited audio engineering course", said Alan Hyatt President at PMI Audio UK. PMI is all about the musician, and it is all about recording that process. PMI is proud to have designers that are actually legendary recording engineers and designers like Malcolm Toft, Paul Wolff, Allan Bradford, Doc Morgan and Brent Casey. These people started designing some of the very first products back in the 1960s used by The Beatles, David Bowie, Queen, and many more. It was always about the sound. Our people listen to the products we design and make sure they are of the very best quality and performance."


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And the Artist Being Recorded on the Summer Course is… Tereza!
Tereza is a young exciting artist with a twist of old and new, brought up in the docks in east London Tereza spent most of her time by the water playing the guitar and writing songs. Her musical talent did not go unnoticed at school and at the age of 11 she was awarded gold as young performer of the year in Newham.

Tereza has always been around music as her family business is in the hospitality industry running a “Party Boat” she was exposed to a wealth of world music from every corner of the globe. This has led her to be influenced by many musical legends that her friends had never heard off. Some of her all time favorites are “Bob Marley, Ella Fitzgerald, Eva Cassidy, Tower of Power, Beyonce”.

Once moving to North West London she dotted from music school to music school finally settling down at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance at 14. Tereza says “After the four years at the ICMP my voice has improved and I have learnt to sing in many different styles, I think this shows in my new music and I see myself as a mix between Eva Cassidy and Jessie J.” Tereza is now looking forward to taking this year to perform her new album and to continue writing more songs.