PROJECT REWIND provides a forum to teach young people about the techniques and history of professional studio recording, combining workshops, activities, recording sessions and events. Young people experience a wholly new aspect to their familiar music-making practices, learning about the heritage and contexts of recorded music and developing values and techniques to be used in their own lives and communities, in a ripple effect of positive impact.
This playlist below features a selection of tracks written and performed by project participants age 15-23 (click on individual tracks for more info). Recorded at Snap Studios, London. Production and Engineering – Marco Pasquariello.

The supporting documentary tells the story of the project’s participants: isolated young people, used to working with the modern set up of computers, software, usb keys and phone (and ultimately using someone else’s creative content). We opened up a new world not too far from home, drawing on the world-class history of the British recording industry. With the involvement and contribution of JAMES, a body of seasoned audio industry professionals set up to make supportive links between education and the media industry, we were able to give the young people first hand experience of the professional recording techniques of the 60′s and 70′s.

Allowing young people to access this rich heritage — through creativity, connection, collaboration, education, passion, sharing and friendship — has been of profound and invaluable benefit to the participants.

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Photography: Dan Wilton
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