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BA (Hons) Audio and Music Production

* The BA (Hons) Audio and Music Production course is an optional pathway on the BA (Hons) Music Production course. *

BA (Hons) Audio and Music Production is primarily a practice-based vocational course that prepares students for employment in both studio-based and 'live' audio environments. New and future media constitutes a significant area of study and the delivery of modules related to business practice and entrepreneurship underpin the vocational element of this course that prepare graduates for careers that are typically freelance-based. These include business modules that delve into areas such as finance/negotiation and communication, self-employment, intellectual property law and allied rights. Students are expected to graduate with an ability to 'hit the ground running', possessing a portfolio of work and project management skills which will make them readily employable in the live and recorded audio sectors.

To reflect the real world, students work as part of a production crew both on and off campus. They collaborate with students from other courses, including Film & TV and Performing Arts on projects ranging from the screen to the stage. The Dolby Atmos certified sound lab and other recording studios give students access to the space and technology they need, from individual edit rooms up to large Pro Tools Ultimate studios with attached live rooms and vocal booths.
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