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Waterside Campus
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web: www.northampton.ac.uk
contact: study@northampton.ac.uk

BA (Hons) Creative Film, Television & Digital Media Production
BA (Hons) Popular Music

The BA in Popular Music at the University of Northampton is an exciting and multidisciplinary course that is designed to give students the necessary knowledge, competences and skills to become a self-producing artist, and music professional. This is a course that is challenging, fun and exciting in equal measure, both for the students and for us. We focus on equipping the students with a breadth of fundamental skill sets across these disciplines:

◼︎ Performing, instrumental skills, music theory, and composing
◼︎ Live recording and studio practice, music production, mixing and critical listening
◼︎ Reasoning, debating, researching & writing

The third of the above is possibly the most important, because it allows students to understand why they do the other two. Sometimes students may be challenged with music, techniques or approaches that seem unfamiliar or outside of their comfort zones… but remember, that’s one of the reasons they choose to come to university to study.

The faculty encourages collaboration across disciplines, for example creating sound design for games and media, or providing a house band for drama performances. We also enjoy a thriving music community across Northampton, and there are lots of opportunities to perform in venues and festivals. See our Instagram @uon_music for more details.
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We are very proud of the fact that we are accredited by the JAMES community. The support and insight they offer is second to none, and our students on the BA (Hons) in Popular Music are already benefiting from their network of professionals. We thank JAMES for their guidance through the accreditation process and excellent feedback.
Mark Thursby - Programme Leader
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