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In the past, we have always supported JAMES Accredited Courses by organising workshops, masterclasses and lectures delivered by skilled professionals. Until now, this been carried out on an ad hoc basis, so we have decided to create a process that is more pro-active and gives a better idea of the depth and breadth of the possibilities. 

The JAMES Event Library is intended to be a kind of 'shop window' for course teams to see what presentations are on offer and what the probable costs would be. You can search the database in a number of ways – by the presenter's background and skill or topic and style of presentation.

Each presenter has created a 'flier' which offers an outline of what they can deliver and where relevant, we have indicated the cost.

We have suggested to our presenters that their delivery content doesn’t have to be subject specific or skills focused. They may have an interesting take on teaching, creativity, collaboration… or even a discussion about their practice which can provide a useful and often unique insight into the industry.

If you have a firm idea for a presentation and/or presenter (or indeed just need more information) then please contact me at JAMES via the form on this page. Possible dates can then be discussed and presenter and fee confirmed.

I would then put the presenter in direct contact with you to arrange the finer details and invoicing requirements. I will stay on copy.

We have established a reasonable fee structure that respects the value of their time, whilst still keeping it affordable for the university. Generally, this would be £300 per presenter for a 2.5-to-3 hour presentation including a Q&A - plus travel.
Naturally, there is the option of more bespoke events and we would quote on those individually. Please get in touch.

We would expect the university to also provide food and accommodation where applicable.
** The JAMES Event Library is only available for institutions that have JAMES Accredited courses. **
Please view the presenters below and their profiles, then complete and submit the form to book a Masterclass/Workshop or to request more information.


** JAMES actively promotes diversity and inclusivity wherever possible. **
Many of the producers and engineers are willing to run a 'Mix Clinic' during which, students are able to play their recordings/mixes and ask for advice or problem solving.

This can be added to a visit to deliver another presentation, delivered as a stand alone or even run online using Audio Movers.

The price for 2 x 1 hour sessions would be £200.

Find your presenter by using the Background, Skill and Style filters below.
Please 'click' on a panel to read more information.

  • Steinberg
    Software / Hardware

    Stacks Image 340
  • Tony Platt
    Producer, Engineer

    Stacks Image 446
  • Rita Campbell

    Stacks Image 354
  • Kevin Gallagher
    Producer, Engineer

    Stacks Image 360
  • Mick Glossop
    Producer, Engineer

    Stacks Image 366
  • Dennis Weinreich

    Stacks Image 372
  • JP Braddock
    Mastering Engineer

    Stacks Image 389
  • Jono Heale
    Hearing Consultant

    Stacks Image 397
  • François Evans
    Producer, Composer

    Stacks Image 423
  • Eduardo De La Paz
    Producer, Mixer

    Stacks Image 429
  • Phil Bodger
    Producer, Engineer

    Stacks Image 438
  • Jay Stapley
    Musician, Producer

    Stacks Image 454
  • Dan Swift
    Producer, Engineer

    Stacks Image 460
  • Andy Brook
    Producer, Engineer

    Stacks Image 466
  • Gareth Jones
    Producer, Engineer

    Stacks Image 480
  • Wendy Laybourn

    Stacks Image 472

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