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JAMES as an industry accreditation body, works closely with practitioners within the creative environment in the United Kingdom. As practitioners ourselves we look to embrace any technological advancements that may influence our craft.

Artificial Intelligence and Chat Bots etcetera are just some of these recent developments that are now impacting on our industry. We regard A.I. as another tool that we can add to our creative toolbox that allows us to grow and develop our creative practice.

JAMES would emphasise that there is a difference between using A.I. creatively for student’s music, which we view as a positive contribution, and using it to effectively “cheat” in their written work, which will have a negative result by compromising the student learning experience.

We encourage the course teams on our accredited courses to hold open and honest discussion with students around the use of A.I. within the context of their course(s) and beyond. What are the advantages and pitfalls of embracing this technology and what might the impact be on their work and the wider creative setting?

We ask that course teams look to contextualise or consider this software when developing their modules and assignments.

One thing we know for certain is that students will adopt this in their coursework and if staff are not to spend an inordinate amount of time looking for plagiarism, then we need to keep an open mind as to how we adopt this new technology for creating and producing music. We must engage with it or get left behind. It should be viewed as assistive technology or there to augment creativity, not replace it.

The Use of AI in Academic Work -
University of Northampton

Report: Exploring Student Perspectives on Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools in Higher Education: A Survey-Based Study (Oct 23) by R Byles, K Lea, R Howe.

Available from https://mypad.northampton.ac.uk/lte/use-of-ai-in-academic-work/
All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music
Supporting UK Music's current manifesto - A Manifesto for Music (Oct 2023), APPG on Music Chair Kevin Brennan MP highlighted concerns about the development of AI without the consent and respect of creators rights, stating: “I say – No AI without EI – we need emotional intelligence to underpin the use of AI and make sure it serves and rewards human creativity".

Click here to read more about UK Music's manifesto.

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