A wise man once said, "Business would be a piece of cake if I didn't have to deal with the client!" Well, in certain situations that may be correct, but negotiating your way through business contracts, understanding the jargon, and making the right financial forecasts can be much more of a nightmare.

The UK music industry contributed £5.2 billion to the UK economy in 2018 and according to the DCMS, 72% of those working in music, performing and visual arts are self-employed. [UK Music - MU5IC by NUM8ERS 2019].

Many of us will operate as self employed for at least a part of our career so the sooner we set ourselves up as a Sole Trader or a Limited Company, the better. But what is involved and how do we go about it?

We at JAMES have collected together a few fact sheets to try and help you get started, as well as a series of articles written by our industry practitioners sharing some of their hard-earned experience.
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