Dennis Weinreich reports…
As a follow-up to their recent course Accreditation by JAMES, the 14th March saw Tony Platt, Simon Van Zwanenberg, Mick Glossop and myself supplying a JAMES panel seminar to Leeds Beckett University.

Steve Parker and Martin Briggs, Principle Lecturers at Leeds made us very welcome and went to great lengths to keep us entertained.

The sessions were held in Lecture Theatre E in the James Graham building that accommodates 165 students. Pleasingly, the morning session was about 80% full with the afternoon session at “standing room” only. It seems that word had spread that the guy who engineered AC/DC’s “Back in Black” was in the building, as the row of seats directly in front of Tony Platt was absolutely packed. This was also true for Mick Glossop’s audience!

The room was very interested in matters relating to the process of making records, how technology impacted on the process and the mind games that go into dealing with record companies and artists. Tony Platt, as usual played devil’s advocate, aiming to stimulate thought about the overall business and how this model is forever changing.
masterclass at leeds beckett
I've had a very positive reaction back from the students, from 'awesome' to 'fantastic' and ‘a great day'.
I chaired a discussion on Innovation and Enterprise where matters of business were energetically discussed. As usual, the after-session where students get a chance to talk to us “one on one” was very interesting. The students I spoke with were motivated, passionate and realistic about their potential future within the audio industry.

The facilities at Leeds Beckett were frankly superb. Their two large Munro Associates Studios would not be out of place in any professional facility. In addition, they boast another four Munro controls rooms and four more live rooms, two of which are dedicated to Foley and ADR. Our visit was very much appreciated by the staff and students and reinforces in my mind the quality of course and student that Leeds Met are producing.

Comment from Steve Parker - I've had a very positive reaction back from the students, from 'awesome' to 'fantastic' and ‘a great day'. In particular, one guy said. “In my opinion the university’s money was very well spent. I found the day informative, inspirational and it gave me a little hope that some day I could be doing what I want if I can just adapt the right attitude and work ethic.