Charlie Hugall - February 2017
Producer and recording engineer Charlie Hugall recently held a JAMES Masterclass for the ‘music’ students at Wolverhampton University.

Charlie has already forged a diverse discography with a strong focus towards new artists and bands. His production of ‘You’ve Got the Love’ for Florence and the Machine scored him his first top 10 and helped get the album to number one that same week. The album has since sold in excess of 3 million worldwide and achieved five-times platinum sales in the UK.

He has since gone on to produce Ed Sheeran and work closely with Crystal Fighters, Kaiser Chiefs, Slow Moving Millie and The Maccabees.
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I loved this morning, I found it to be incredibly insightful, engaging, honest and thoughtful. I made a few notes of 'Charlie quotes’ - very inspiring.
George Shilling - May 2016
George Shilling, producer, studio owner and JAMES Assessor recently held a lecture at the University of Wolverhampton. George commented, “From my point of view everything went incredibly smoothly, and I particularly enjoyed the intelligent questions at the end of my lecture. And all six students who came to the afternoon workshop were engaging and fully involved, with plenty of excellent discussion. Thanks again for preparing the rooms and equipment, and also for being so amenable with timings.
Just wanted to say thank you to George for coming in today. I felt both his talk and studio session were very thought provoking and very insightful!
masterclass at leeds beckett
masterclass at leeds beckett