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POP MUSIC PRODUCTION: Manufactured pop and boy bands in 1980s
- Dr. Phil Harding

Pop Music Production delves into academic depths around the culture, the business, the songwriting, and most importantly, the pop music production process.

Phil Harding balances autobiographical discussion of events and relationships with academic analysis to offer poignant points on the value of pure popular music, particularly in relation to BoyBands and how creative pop production and songwriting teams function.

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BRITISH ROCK GUITAR: the first 50 years, the musicians and their stories
- Mo Foster

The guitar is the most emotive musical instrument of the last 50 years of rock and roll. But there was a time when the future guitar heroes of the Rock and Roll world were cobbling together their instruments from wardrobes, cigar boxes, tea chests, pencil cases, fuse wire, and bread toasters, and guitar picks were fashioned out of ice cream containers.

Perfectly evoking the atmosphere of the 50’s and 60’s Mo Foster draws on his own recollections and those of the greatest exponents of rock guitar, from Hank Marvin to Eric Clapton, from Brian May to John Paul Jones, from Vic Flick to Jeff Beck, and the many others who, before they became famous, started out rehearsing in pigeon lofts and their mum’s kitchen.

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THE ART OF ILLUSION. Production Design for Film & Television
- Terry Ackland-Snow with Wendy Laybourn

Film production is a highly creative and collaborative industry, full of multi- skilled artists and craftsmen. The fast-moving pace of technology makes it hard to keep abreast of current practices in production design. However, the ethos and skills behind filmmaking remain the same. In The Art of Illusion, renowned Art Director Terry Ackland-Snow shares his passion and knowledge of traditional film design from over fifty years of industry experience, using real-life case studies from some of the UK's most iconic films, including Batman, Labyrinth, the James Bond franchise and The Deep.

Featuring over 100 original sketches, as well as rare behind-the-scenes photographs, storyboards and artwork, this book is exquisitely illustrated throughout, demonstrating the skills and techniques of film design with stunning intricacy.

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BITS AND PIECES: A History of Chiptunes
- Kenneth B. McAlpine

Bits and Pieces tells the story of chiptune, a style of lo-fi electronic music that emerged from the first generation of video game consoles and home computers in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Through ingenuity and invention, musicians and programmers developed code that enabled the limited hardware of those early 8-bit machines to perform musical feats that they were never designed to achieve. In time, that combination of hardware and creative code came to define a unique 8-bit sound that imprinted itself on a generation of gamers.

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