JAMES | MIA Educational Friend


Why join the MIA?
Our trade body exists to promote, protect and support the UK music making industry. We do this by:
* Providing leadership and guidance to the industry
* Promoting the substantial and wide ranging benefits of music making
* Representing the sector at all levels of government, its agencies and other interest groups
* Creating pro-active public relations and communications internally and externally
* Supporting our members with advice, best practice and money saving offers

“ We believe music making is a life enhancing and life changing activity that should be enjoyed by everyone.”

All of the above is only made possible by the support of our members and the more members we have, the more we can do for the good of the industry!
N.B. Organisations mentioned here offer short training courses that JAMES feel are worthy of consideration for those seeking additional training for the Creative Industries.

JAMES accreditation of courses applies to full-time academically validated HE or FE courses. These short courses are, therefore, not accredited by JAMES but, after consideration of the value of these organisations, we have invited them to become 'Educational Friends of JAMES'.

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