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The Home of Independent Film.
Raindance is dedicated to fostering and promoting independent film around the world. Founded in 1992, it combines Raindance Film Festival, film training courses, and Raindance Higher Education.

Raindance Film Festival is the largest independent film festival in the UK and it has been recognised by Variety as “one of the world’s top 50 unmissable film festivals”. Raindance showcases the boldest, freshest content from British and international filmmakers. Industry and the public attend cutting-edge panels, talks and workshops. ​Raindance is a qualifying festival for Oscars®, BAFTA and BIFA.

Our training courses are at the heart of the Raindance structure, aiming to give individuals the tools to start shooting their film, and covering screenwriting, production, directing, and virtual reality. Moreover, ​Raindance has developed three fully accredited Higher Education Film Programmes, becoming the only major film festival in the world to offer higher education.

Raindance is self-funded and relies on the support of our community to keep the spirit of independent film alive. The year-round support from Raindance Members and Patrons ensures the success and development of the work we do. Working without public funding, Raindance’s community and outreach programmes rely on this generous backing from individuals and groups who share our vision for a more diverse and equitable film industry. Keep Raindance independent – click here to get involved!
N.B. Organisations mentioned here offer short training courses that JAMES feel are worthy of consideration for those seeking additional training for the Creative Industries.

JAMES accreditation of courses applies to full-time academically validated HE or FE courses. These short courses are, therefore, not accredited by JAMES but, after consideration of the value of these organisations, we have invited them to become 'Educational Friends of JAMES'.

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