Here's a sampler of the two Heir tracks recorded on the 2018 Summer Course; mixed by Ken Scott.
Song titles: The Product of an Adventure // Automatic.

It was a great programme to be involved in. It was ace to be in the studio with Ken and the team, we learned lots and came out with some great recordings!
Ste Fisher, Heir
The Gus Dudgeon Foundation and JAMES are extremely pleased to confirm that their Post Graduate Summer Course will once again take place at Leeds Beckett University beginning on 9 July 2018.

Now in its eighth year, the course will again be led by renowned producer and Leeds Beckett Senior Lecturer Ken Scott who will guide thirteen top graduating students from JAMES-accredited courses through five days of recording on both analogue and digital systems.

Ken Scott is responsible for recordings by such world-renowned artists as The Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John, Pink Floyd and Supertramp.

This year Leeds band Heir will be recorded during the Masterclass week.

Many thanks once again to our sponsors SSL, KMR Audio and PMC.
Click here to see and hear the results of the 2017 Summer Course.
I am delighted that the 8th Gus Dudgeon Foundation Masterclass is taking place again this year. The course is a great way to celebrate and share some of Gus’s talent, and pass on real experience and learning to a new generation. I hope that as in previous years the attendees find the course a really beneficial experience.
Murray Dudgeon
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Hard work rewarded.

Ed Reason from Anglia Ruskin University was awarded the PMC speakers, Archie Lamont from University of the West of Scotland received the SSL compressor and Lunchbox, Kieran Scally from UCLAN received a set of SSL Ultimate plugins, Khalid Mwambakale from Salford University a set of SSL Studio plugins and all other students received a set of SSL Essential plugins. There was a special mention for Charlie Peacock from Leeds Beckett University.

Pictured opposite - Ed Reason from Anglia Ruskin University is awarded a pair of PMC Result6 Active Speakers, Ian Downs from PMC (centre) and Ken Scott.
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I just want to say that the whole week was really great, a fantastic experience for everyone to see how Ken Scott works who really is incredible. A lot was taken away by all students! So a big thank you to JAMES for running this!
Aidan Kitchen, University of Suffolk
DAY ONE - 09.07.2018
And we're off!

Team shot with students and band.

Apart from group shot, all photos were taken by attending GDF student Aidan Kitchen from University of Suffolk at West Suffolk College.
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DAY TWO - 10.07.2018
Setting up.

Ken Scott sharing his expertise on placement… and guitars!
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DAY THREE - 11.07.2018
Keyboards and percussion…

… some wise words from Ken Scott, and then… oh, time for a beer!
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DAY FOUR - 12.07.2018
Overdubs today then…

… and what have learnt from that?
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Ken Scott at the desk
Ken Scott, at the desk.
Here's a great interview with Gus about his recording style -
We're really excited for this, an absolute honour to have been asked to do this with Ken.
Tom Hammond, Heir
Michael Brown

Abertay University
“Michael is a highly professional and motivated student. Over his years at Abertay he has produced an excellent body of work, showcasing his abilities as a recordist, sound designer and creative coder. He will be an excellent addition to the summer course.” - Christos Michalakos, Programme Leader, Abertay.

Edward Reason
Anglia Ruskin University
“Ed has consistently demonstrated a keen aptitude for audio recording and production work. Not only has he attained the highest grades in studio-based modules in his cohort (notably, Level 6 Final Studio Portfolio), he has also been an active member of the Audio and Music Tech. student society for 3 years and has engaged in professional music production as an extra-curricular activity during his time at University. Ed’s talents are the product of dedicated practice and consistent self-improvement. He has been nominated for this award in recognition of his efforts both as a student and as an active practitioner in audio.” - Stephen Oxnard, Senior Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin.

Stefano Polidoro
Leicester Media School - De Montfort University
“Stefano has been working with music for several years as a musician, teacher, and a freelance music producer. Alongside music, he has also worked as a Sound Designer and Dialogue Editor for various short films and one video game. He studies Audio and Recording Technology BSc at De Montfort University. During his time on the course he has collaborated with many artists in the studio, learned how to critically analyse audio, and how to use the right tools depending on the type of audio material. This has helped him make better artistic choices for his music. He has always been a curious audio explorer.” - Thom Corah, Senior Lecturer, De Montfort.

Dewa Sutton
University of Hertfordshire
“Dewa’s work ethic is superb. He is a very talented technologist and performer. Dewa demonstrates very high levels of professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm, and has excelled in many areas of our course this year, including his final major project which was graded as ‘excellent’ by the assessors. He is in my opinion an ideal candidate for the GDF week.” - Alex Baxter, Programme Leader, Hertfordshire.

Lewis Myers
University of Huddersfield
“Lewis is an extremely motivated, passionate and talented student. He will no doubt be a great asset to the team and learn much from sessions.” - Dr. Austin Moore, Course Leader, Huddersfield.

Warren Murdock-Lazar
University of Lincoln
“Warren is a hugely talented music composer and producer. His final year work demonstrates originality and creativity. Warren’s mixing skills in particular have developed significantly in his final two projects and are of a very high standard. Warren has a fantastic attitude and approach in the studio; here he demonstrates professionalism and excellent teamwork skills.” - David McSherry, Programme Leader, Lincoln.

Khalid Mwambakale
University of Salford
“Khalid has been a very keen a dedicated audio student who has consistently produced above average work and been involved in many audio projects. He has recently been looking in to microphone choices for recording as his dissertation and has had some interesting results – the industry standard mic choices are not always the best sounding! Khal will really benefit from this opportunity as he is keen to pursue a career in the recording industry and this will be a great addition to his CV.” - Dr. Jos Hurst, Lecturer, Salford.

Kieran Scally
University of Central Lancashire
“Excellent engagement in the recording area of the course.” - John Lacy, Course Leader, UCLAN

Aidan Kitchen
University of Suffolk
“Aidan is a conscientious student who has really developed during his three years at the University of Suffolk. Aidan applies himself to all tasks given with great dedication and will make sure he soaks up the knowledge and experience given during this amazing week at the Gus Dudgeon Foundation & JAMES Summer course.” - Andrea Healy, Programme Director, Suffolk.

Rufus Ambler
University of South Wales
“Rufus has shown consistent improvement during the course which has resulted in him achieving his 1st class honours and producing some excellent work in Recording Engineering & Sound for Moving Image. His final year project work has been wide ranging and meticulous. He is a modest individual and it has been a pleasure to watch his confidence grow and himself mature into a responsible and excellent student, well respected by staff and peers alike.” - Andrew William, Course Leader, USW.

Jack Bzowski
University of the West of England
“Jack is a conscientious student who has shown great drive and passion in his recording work, culminating in a well thought through and delivered project on recording styles and ideology. He will benefit greatly form this course.” - Martyn Harries, Senior Lecturer, UWE.

Archie Lamont
University of the West of Scotland
“Mr Lamont has continually impressed myself, and the academic staff for 4 years, stacking up a number of A grades in all years. His proven commitment to his final year has not disappointed. For the last two years, in particular, he has shown a great maturity in his own learning, personal development and career ambition.

Apart from the recording, production and mastering aspects of his course, Archie has a wider interest in electronic music production, music and sound design and video production. I strongly believe that the weeks’ intensive course will, fully benefit him greatly by extending his prior knowledge and skillset within recording and music production.” - Colin Grassie, Programme Leader, UWS.
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A few photographs from GDF Summer Course 2017