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A Friend of JAMES is a commercial organisation, equipment manufacturer, supplier or retailer that wishes to join with JAMES in supporting education to benefit the future of our music, entertainment and media industries.

JAMES has created several initiatives that link Industry, Education Providers, Employers and Students.

JAMES is adding value to the industry accreditation programmes they offer by creating student, academic and industry membership.
Educational establishments and students benefit from the expertise of equipment manufacturers and suppliers and can take advantage of this relationship when considering facility upgrades and industry visits.
Equipment manufacturers and suppliers benefit from educational and business links with students, course leaders and education administrators. They also benefit from access to suitably trained and qualified recruits and work placement opportunities.

Friends of JAMES are also able to sponsor and contribute to educational initiatives including -
Masterclasses, lectures and seminars
Careers advice at schools/colleges/universities
Continual Professional Development for educationalists
Posting of educational material on the JAMES student resources site
New technology presentations to education course leaders and students
Access to the latest academic papers relevant to our industries

INTERESTED…? Click the link to contact us for more information and become a Friend, enabling you to claim…

"We are a Friend of JAMES and contribute towards Industry Supporting Education."
Please see below our current 'Friends of JAMES'. Click on each to learn more.
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