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JAMES Membership is designed to bring together students, academics and the Friends of JAMES who are manufacturers, suppliers and other entertainment industry professionals. Membership is by invitation and is open only to students and academics on JAMES accredited courses, Friends, JAMES assessors and representatives of the organisations that make up the JAMES alliance.

Each membership category has its own page of free resources, which often overlap; some paid resources are planned for the future. Each membership section also has a separate forum, which can also be accessed by the other categories.
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You will have previously been supplied with registration details.
Students and academics may receive industry news items and newsletters from both JAMES and the Friends of JAMES. There is a separate area for Academics to post their research papers and another for discussion documents. Academic jobs can also be advertised.

Twice a year course leaders can showcase examples of the best student’s work. Music producers and managers, Film directors and employers will have access to these show-reel links.

All areas have sections devoted to new educational and learning methods, wellness, training of trainers and links to the organisations that make up the JAMES alliance.

The membership signup forms have term and conditions to prevent abuse of the system as the resources grow.

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