JAMES | Accreditation Process


Discuss course(s) to be accredited and agree costs.
Client receives application forms with submission check-list.
Client MUST at this point raise a Purchase Order from their Finance Department.

Client completes and returns application form including Purchase Order reference.
Client begins assembling requested submission documents.

Client is sent a JAMES invoice based on Purchase Order details agreed in Step 1.
Client is sent a JAMES URL link and submission invitation.
Client begins posting submission documents to JAMES URL.

Client informs JAMES when submission is complete.

Agreed date will normally be at least six weeks following Step 2.
A date cannot be set without return of application form and a Purchase Order.
Date must allow visiting assessors access to students from all years on the course and the course team.

IMPORTANT - Inspection visit may be delayed if there is less than four weeks following the Submission Complete date in Step 4.

6 - ARRANGE ACCOMMODATION (for assessors)
JAMES will select assessors relevant to course(s) for the visit.
JAMES will inform the client of the assessor details.
Client arranges accommodation for assessors and informs JAMES.

Assessors carry out accreditation Inspection visit based upon accreditation visit timetable.
Assessors send their reports to JAMES accreditation committee for review and comment.

Final JAMES Report and recommendations are confirmed by JAMES accreditation committee and sent to client within four weeks of inspection visit.

JAMES will invite client to complete a five minute quality assessment feedback review.
One-Off Initial Evaluation
Induction Review (All)
FE Course Accreditation
3 years
Level 3 NQF
HE Course Accreditation
3 years
HE Course Accreditation
3 years
FdA & Degree+
Provisional Accreditation
18 months
Leading to Full Accreditation
Following 3 years
Integrated Learning Centre
3 years
4 or more courses
- These fees are inclusive of travel expenses incurred on assessor inspection visits but do not include any assessor overnight accommodation costs if required.
- These fees cover the cost of single course applications.
- Reduced cost options apply for multiple course applications.
- Fees are payable prior to the assessors inspection visit.

* The Initial Evaluation cost will only apply to institutions seeking their first accreditation with JAMES. It does NOT apply to existing institutions seeking re-accreditation.
  • Can a course fail accreditation?
    Following discussion and often a visit to the facilities, our 'Initial Evaluation' determines the suitability of an application. Applications that fall short of the standards set by our Industry Members will be supported and guided towards the point where the full accreditation process is suitable and most likely to succeed.
  • How will an application and any information we supply be published?
    All applications and submission material will be held in total confidentiality. On completion, only successful awards will be published.
  • What happens if the course changes during the 3 year award period?
    All good courses should be improving and updating all the time. We would hope this will be partly the result of the supportive recommendations made in our accreditation award report. JAMES should always be notified of changes to the structure of a course, the way it will be delivered and the anticipated impact on students.
  • Which graduates can claim, "I completed a JAMES accredited course?”
    Graduates completing the course in the academic year of the award plus the next 3 academic years are eligible. Unless re-accreditation is subsequently applied for in the same calendar month 3 years after the original award, students part way through a course will not be covered.
  • What happens on the Accreditation visit day?
    Representatives of JAMES will visit the educational establishment to discuss the course, meet students, inspect facilities and project work. The institution will provide secretarial backup to take notes of the two meetings*.

    9.00am. Arrive, coffee in room set aside for assessors for the day. Assessors meet to review procedure.
    *9.15am. Meet with course leader, senior management, marketing and Quality Control. Assessors describe briefly the supportive context of JAMES accreditation and the added values. Course leaders and others describe the background and context to the courses and future plans, this can include procedures for monitoring student wellbeing and support procedures.
    10.00am. Tour of the facilities, during which questions can be asked. Meet technical and service staff, review facilities booking system, hearing health procedures.
    11:15am. Meet with students of the course or courses. The assessors need to meet with a minimum of two students from each course from each year. Staff do not take part in this!!
    12:15pm. Lunch. [Often with the students].
    1:00pm. Assessors review 2 pieces of the best final year projects from each course. The course leaders ensure that this is in the best listening environment and that equipment is set up with files ready for immediate access. The assessors would like the students to be available to present their work if this is possible.
    2:00pm. The assessors meet alone in their room to discuss findings and prepare for course team meeting.
    *2.30pm. Assessors meet with the whole course team, module leaders, service backup and administration.
    3.30pm. Assessors meet alone again to discuss course team meeting and prepare provisional concluding feedback. At this point any contentious issues must be raised and acceptance / justification sought from the course leader. Also confirm any ‘institution requests’ that can be included and supported in the final report.
    4:00pm. Assessors give feedback to course leaders and any senior management. 4:30pm Assessors leave
    Or are given a tour of the library facilities, meet the librarian and see extra learning facilities. For re-accreditation this library visit is not necessary. Timing will depend on the siting of the library.
    5:00pm. Assessors Leave: This schedule may need to be extended and altered as circumstances dictate.
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