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At JAMES, we believe individuals start working in our creative industries the day they start their college or degree course. And as well as learning the technical and operational skills they may need, they should also be aware of, and prepare for some of the demands they may face, whilst in education and beyond.

To help address this, we have put together some industry facing resources that may help, click on the links below:
Healthy Hearing:
For your own health and career protection, it is essential that you have some understanding about hearing and that you are fully aware of potentially damaging environments and the protection options available to you.

The majority of the Music and Media workforce, particularly freelance, performers and live event organisers and practitioners, experience high levels of stress and anxiety. In many ways, ‘It comes with the territory’.

Students who find they are struggling to cope at university should be encouraged to learn coping mechanisms and ‘Life Skills’ as soon as possible, to help them through university, their career and the rest of their life.

Understanding Business:
Many of us will operate as self employed for at least a part of our career so the sooner we set ourselves up as a Sole Trader or a Limited Company, the better. But what is involved and how do we go about it?

Careers Advice:
Choosing the best course is not easy and getting it wrong can be expensive. Some guidance for students and parents on making that big decision.

Film and Television
Whilst having similar roots in audio, the 'Broadcast' industry throws up a number of areas and terms that possibly need clarifying.

Music Education Directory:
A comprehensive regional guide to every UK music and performance course currently available including how and where to apply.

Recommended Publications:
Some valued reference publications written or recommended by some of our industry practitioners.

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