Accredited institutions will be encouraged to apply ‘Healthy Hearing’ considerations to their courses and facilities as a part of our accreditation award.
Our ‘Healthy Hearing Approved’ logo will be awarded to universities when the following conditions have been considered and shown to have been met. (See Link for application details).

◼︎ Assessment of hearing risk to all participants [students - staff - others] throughout the course and at specific points [location and activity] when delivering the course.

◼︎ Resulting precautions embedded in the teaching and facilities. This should include any precautions, treatments, monitoring systems, protective systems that are implemented.

◼︎ The awareness education embedded within the course programme, [the content and schedule]. This should include the programme of topics covered and the timing of delivery and reinforcement over the course duration.

◼︎ Awareness of the Daily Hearing Dose - the measuring and monitoring principles and understanding the needs for periods of aural rest and recovery.

◼︎ Provision of ear defenders to every student including guidance on when and how to use them.

◼︎ Ongoing reinforcement and monitoring of student behaviour throughout.

◼︎ Employment of a Student responsibility agreement. This may take the form of acknowledgment by the student that they have been provided Healthy Hearing education when undertaking a course and understanding their responsibilities to take protective action both within and beyond activities whilst on the course.
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If not possible/practical to reduce exposure to loud sounds then PROPER provision of adequate and suitable protection is essential.
BAPAM Consultation 2019