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The Power of Music to Change Lives.

The National Plan for Music Education sets out the government’s vision to enable all children and young people in England to:

* learn to sing, play an instrument and create music together
* have the opportunity to progress their musical interests and talents, including professionally

The plan sets out how the government will achieve this vision by 2030, emphasising the importance of partnerships between education settings, music hubs, music organisations working with young people and the music industry.

It builds on the Model Music Curriculum and the original National Plan for Music Education, published in 2011.

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Quote from JAMES Co_Chair Dr. Phil Harding.

"I’m pleased to see the new National Plan for Music Education (NPME) has finally been published after a two-year delay. Music Industry organisations such as The Music Producers Guild (MPG), The Joint Audio Media Education Support (JAMES) and Technology in Music Education (TiME) have all contributed to the plan via the music industry umbrella organisation UK Music. Our mission was to ensure that the role of technology in music making was highlighted because it has changed significantly since the last NPME was published in 2011 and this has been acknowledged in the new plan.

I’m delighted to see that technology is featured and praised on no fewer than 21 pages throughout the report. The 2011 report designated only a 6-page annexe to technology.

I would draw attention to the tremendous work by the Leicestershire Music Hub in the area of music technology on page 38 of the ‘Case Studies’ document and would encourage all Music Hubs across the UK to follow this example of employing a team of music technologists to assist music teachers in schools throughout their area."
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