JAMES | Dolby ATMOS Event


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Back in November 2021, JAMES held the first of a series of events delivered by JAMES & Dolby, exploring the creative application of Dolby ATMOS in music production.

This Zoom event can be seen and heard again by clicking on the image or by visiting - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhTi6ZeCfLI
Additionally, Dolby kindly supplied a number of useful links that are listed below.

Atmos Tools
Dolby Atmos Production Suite 90 Day Trial
Dolby Atmos Production Suite Downloads

Dolby Professional Support Learning Site
List of all Training Options from Dolby and 3rd Parties.

Dolby Curriculum and Exercise Content
Dolby’s Educational Courses.

Dolby Atmos Music Creation 101 Video Series
New six-part video series with Dolby's resident experts on getting started mixing in Dolby Atmos.

Support Resources
Dolby Atmos Post and Music Production Knowledgebase
Forum and Knowledge base support.

Further Resources for Dolby Atmos Music
Dolby Atmos Music Visualiser
Hear and see Dolby Atmos on some well-known music tracks and compare to stereo!
(Doesn't work in Safari browser)

Dolby Atmos Music Best Practices
Read how the top studios install Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos Music Delivery Specifications
All the details for how to deliver Dolby Atmos Music tracks.

Dolby’s Educational Outreach
Dolby Institute
Details on the work of the Dolby Institute and podcast series with some of the industry’s top creatives.

Dolby/SFSU/5th House Student Showcase
Case study of Dolby’s work with the San Francisco State University.

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