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Originally trained as a bi-lingual secretary (French and German) my first foray into full-time work was in the world of publishing (African and Middle Eastern publications).

Five years later, a chance to enter the world of television came via a position at the Royal Television Society in the1980s, editing the monthly Newsletter, organising the prestigious Journalism and Programme Awards, handling press & publicity, and organising a wide range of technical and non-technical courses.

The intense nature of my job allowed me to learn a massive amount of new skills, a strong work ethic and a real respect for the enormous range of talent within television. With a desire to “move on”, I joined Viewplan (TV equipment hire/OB facilities) looking after their Press & Publicity.

A chance meeting lead to a US trade association (ITS – International Teleproduction Society) inviting me to establish and run their European arm of the International Monitor Awards (creative awards in film and TV), as well as organising their first international symposium in London. I decided to take the plunge and go freelance in 1987. This allowed me to continue my press & publicity career, running the ITS and Monitor Awards in Europe, and producing/editing the twice yearly magazine, Zerb, for the Guild of Television Cameramen – busy times!!! Oh, and I got married and had a daughter … if you want something done, ask a busy person.

I returned to my beloved West Country in 1997 to work from home. As one door shut, another one opened (thank you Dennis Weinreich) and I was introduced to the APRS (Association of Professional Recording Services) to help develop and administer their new arm – APPS (Audio Post Production Studios). With their Head Office closing in Reading, I was invited to take over the administration and day to day running of the APRS working closely with the Board. For the last ten years we also ran the massively popular APRS Sound Fellowships Lunch event hosted by Sir George Martin, our President.

In 2016 the APRS was mothballed and, as if by magic, I was invited to become involved in the administration of JAMES Accreditation. The future looks bright.