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Gary began his production/writing career in Iceland of all places! During his time spent working in Iceland he co-produced the Eurovision entry (nil points I hear you say!), made an album with jazz-funk band Mezzoforte and worked with the now in-famous artist, Bjork.

Whilst working with Andrew Ridgeley on his solo album Gary was also fortunate enough to work with George Michael on some of the album, which was understandably very inspirational. Though not hugely successful in commercial terms, the recording of this album did teach him a great deal in respect of the calibre of session musicians he was working with and the type of studio he was able to record in.
As a result of Gary writing with Andrew Ridgeley he was offered his first publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music in 1990. This proved to be a great success. Gary wrote with many varied and successful artists and songwriters including Sheryl Crow, Bow Wow Wow, The Tubes’ Fee Waybill, Robbie Neville, Eddie Money and The Fixx to name but a few, spending a large period of his time in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles.

In 1995, after a great deal of hard work, and with the help of a manager Gary signed a major record deal with EMI with his band “The Big Blue”. They released two singles and achieved moderate success with the band.

Following the demise of the band Gary returned to songwriting and production, signing a new publishing deal with Reverb Music. He has had hits with Lonyo’s “Summer of Love” and with Dannii Minogue on the song “Who do you love now” He also returned to working with Sheryl Crowe, mixing the single “Soak up the Sun”.

More recently he has collaborated with top songwriter Pam Sheyne on different writing/ production projects including Sony sensation Delta Goodrem, Lulu and Tina Arena.

Most recently Gary has finished producing the debut album for Icelandic pop band, Nylon; written and produced songs on an album for new artist, Scarlette and produced 3 songs for a successful EMI covers compilation album, Roadtrip. Along with recent engineering sessions with Graham Coxon from Blur, Editors and The Maccabees Gary also continues to pursue his own band project, Atom. The debut album, Safe Orbit, available on iTunes.

Gary is well versed in most popular DAW’s including Avid Pro Tools, Propellerheads Reason and Apple Logic Pro. As well as being part of the development team he has also made tutorial videos and written articles for Propellerhead Software. He is also a frequent guest lecturer and external advisor at several universities in the UK and Norway; speaking on songwriting, production and mixing and bringing some of his extensive knowledge and experience to both Undergraduate and Masters degree students.

Gary is currently Co-Chair of JAMES along with Rita Campbell.

October 2022 - Gary's full statement upon becoming JAMES Co-Chair -
"I am honoured to be taking on the role of Co-Chair at JAMES alongside Rita Campbell who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the organisation. Phil Harding, Dennis Weinreich and our Executive Director, David Ward, have done so much for JAMES and we hope to continue their excellent work. Their continued advice and mentoring will help to make this transition period smooth and transparent.

Our vision for JAMES is that we respect traditional practice whilst embracing new technologies and methods of working. As music education transitions into a period that is guided by new, and more frequently, AI-based intelligent production tools, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that this is an interdisciplinary field. One where the importance of practice alongside such augmenting technologies can work together in harmony. Indeed music is often driven by emotion and feeling and this must factor into any discussion in this domain. We at JAMES aim to reflect these changes, reconciling new technologies and workflows whilst also acknowledging the important role that traditional paradigms play in the forming of opinions about the creative arts."

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