JAMES | Jay Stapley


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Jay’s wide experience in the music industry spans over 4 decades and includes almost every aspect of musical life, from playing guitar with artists including Roger Waters, Mike Oldfield, Suede, Scott Walker, Westernhagen and many more to being signed as an artist to a major label; from writing music for TV and Films to setting up his own label and publishing company: from playing gigs in venues ranging from wine-bars to football stadiums, running his own studio and demonstrating high-tech music technology for Roland, Digidesign, and more.
Jay delivers masterclasses on a wide variety of music-related subjects, most recently for the London Mayor's office at their 'Gigs' day in Trafalgar Square, London.

Jay’s experience as an educator includes course-writing and teaching at all levels (including B.Mus) and delivering masterclasses on various aspects of music composition, production and delivery, stagecraft, performance, etc.

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