JAMES | Tony Andrews


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Tony cautiously edged his way into the recording industry via the one and only backline equipment rental company that existed in 1979; Maurice Placquet. He very quickly found himself setting up and tuning Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzers and Clavinets and programming Mini Moogs, ARP Odysseys and Prophet 5s and the general new wave of analogue synthesisers in the pre-MIDI days.

After four or five years of this, (which he would possibly class as the most entertaining in his working life!) he set about the lower rungs of a career ladder straddling a number of London pro-audio rental companies. He held such lofty positions as stock controller, hire manager, new business manager, rental director, operations director and finally marketing director at Europe’s premier audio rental company, FX Rentals.

Since 2004, he has been working as a freelancer specialising in Marketing and Design for recording industry products and services. Specifically establishing the concept of globally broadcasting pop and rock music events into cinema screens around the world working with artists as The Rolling Stones, KISS, Simply Red, Laura Mvula, Motley Crue and Slipknot. Tony has been involved with the creation and marketing of JAMES, since its inception in 2006.


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