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The JAMES Education Committee is pleased to grant accreditation for these courses. The assessors were highly complimentary about the courses and found them highly relevant to current industry practice. It makes a welcome change to be able to commend a programme on the aspects of the course content related to freelance and business studies. The courses clearly have their collective finger very much on the pulse of the contemporary music / audio industries. It was evident this caring and knowledgeable staff team are very passionate about their students’ educational needs and wellbeing.
JAMES Accreditation Report, Dec 2022
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Music and Sound Technology at the University of Hertfordshire
The four ‘technology’ courses at UH investigate the nature of current music, sound and event technologies and the diverse range of applications within which they are deployed.

The student is placed at the centre of these investigations, empowered to explore and engage in the full spectrum of current practices seen from both technical and creative perspectives.

The structure of the courses has been designed to equip students with knowledge, understanding and skills through a range of study and learning experiences, with significant opportunities for cross disciplinary collaboration with film, animation, media and other music students as well a practical, experiential learning.
Within the overarching programme structure, the four courses are differentiated at all levels by individual themed modules to focus developing practice in either ‘Music Production, Music and Sound Design, Audio Engineering or Live Sound and Lighting.

At UH, we understand how important it is for music students to choose a place to study that can truly offer the variety and quantity of resources required to hone skills and maximise study time and employment opportunities.

Music students at the University of Hertfordshire have access to a stunning array of well-maintained resources and facilities aligned to industry standards, in addition to a well-stocked loan-store.
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The management of the studios, computers, live sound and lighting equipment is impressive. The equipment loan store was among the best-stocked and well-run that our assessors have seen.
JAMES Accreditation Report, Dec 2022

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