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BA (Hons) Commercial Music (Ayr)
MA Music (Ayr)
BSc (Hons) Music Technology (Paisley)

BA (Hons) Commercial Music Joint Programme leader David Scott said: “We are delighted that our amazing suite of programmes, which are so reflective of the music industries, are gaining this level of accreditation. Our students will be happy to know they are studying within an institution that is recognised as being among the very best in the sector.”
Highlights of the Showcase & Awards evening for University West of Scotland, School of Media, Culture & Society - Music. Hosted in the CCA, Glasgow on May 17 2018
Beats, Grinds + Life is a film created by Archie Lamont, a student on the BSc (Hons) Music Technology course at Paisley.

Archie explains, "This film was created for my 4th year Music Technology project at the University of the West of Scotland.

The first stage of the project involved capturing sonically interesting field recordings of skateboards, BMXs and the people riding them. A wide range of sound design techniques and tools built within Ableton Live were utilised to manipulate these recordings into percussion samples and synth instruments. The music was composed using these sounds as source material, showcasing the wide range of unique instrumentation in the context of two successfully completed tracks - the first made up solely of skate sounds and the second made up exclusively of BMX sounds.

Unlike traditional skate and BMX films, the emphasis was on the soundtrack instead of the visuals. Certain images and tricks were shot, framed and edited to specifically cue sound effects within the music. Foley recordings and original camera audio were also used to add realism to the film."

Featuring: Mark Thompson, Kyle Morrison, David Daniel Shearon, Richard Levai, Thomas Connolly, Robbie Johnston, and Charlie Alston.

Graphic Design by David Daniel Shearon.
The assessors would like to emphasise that they found all the course teams to be very enthusiastic, with an excellent balance between academic and industry practice. They applaud the institution for offering the students the best knowledge and resources to prepare them for working in the industry.
JAMES Assessor 2018

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