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BA (Hons) Music and Sound Production

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BA (Hons) Music & Sound Production,
at The University of Winchester, launched in 2018 after two years of development, and is both technical and creative at heart. The programme team spent a long time reflecting on our own experiences, both as undergraduate Music Technology students, and musicians/engineers in a professional, freelance, capacity. This was key to ensuring that the programme we designed was going to be interesting, innovative, but also relevant to a rapidly changing music industry. We set out to make records with our students, rather than just learn about how others do it.

One of our key aims from the outset, was not to overburden our students with the dos and don’ts of using the recording studio, or tie them to one definitive way of working, but to offer technical and performative education that affords professional development. There are long, core, modules that give them all the technical training they should ever need, whilst smaller, more specialised modules focus on how they can use core skills to further their own ambitions and talents. Just because we think Pro Tools fluency is a core skill that all our students should have, does not mean it is the skill that is going to be most useful to each student in the future. One of the University of Winchester’s core values is the belief that ‘Individuals Matter’. Music & Sound Production embodies this by asking our students what matters to them and how their experience in the recording studio, post-production suites, classrooms, and, live music venues, relates to the music industry at large.

We aim to produce students that are confident in their own voice through production, fluent in their individual proficiencies, and embody the multifaceted nature of the industry we work within. Whether students are recording a local artist, creating sound design packages for video games (that are also built on campus), or running their own music festival (@1840fest on Instagram), they are never just learning. Each module we run has a creative output that the students can put to use professionally. The Arts Faculty fosters a collaborative environment for our students to work within; making music videos, short films, theatre productions, and podcasts, with other students. We also have great local links with a number of Arts festivals and venues that our students are welcomed into.
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We are thrilled to become part of the JAMES family and look forward to the support that the accreditation offers to students and future graduates of BA (Hons) Music & Sound Production. The programme team and I felt supported throughout the accreditation process and it was reassuring to receive such glowing feedback from the JAMES panel of professionals.
Dr Niall Thomas (Programme Leader)
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A student has a mould made for custom-fit hearing protection.

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Music Production at The University of Winchester looks forward to developing our relationship with JAMES and continuing to provide creative and critical Music Production programmes.

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