JAMES | Oustanding Achievement Award 2021 Pippa Simpson


Leeds Conservatoire
BA (Hons) Music (Production)

“Whilst studying at Leeds Conservatoire I learnt how the work JAMES does positively supports and impacts the wellbeing of both Universities and their students specialising in the music and media industries. I feel Leeds Conservatoire truly represents and prepares you for 'the outside world' in music.

The facilities and modules throughout my course were versatile and covered the majority of areas within the music production industry. When collaborating externally to my course I went into a studio setting feeling confident that I’d understand the production and recording 'language' and I felt comfortable in a studio setting due to being exposed to this environment throughout my education. My course also allowed me to choose from a range of modules in my third year which helped me develop skills I can now implement into my career.
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I went through a cancer diagnosis during my studies at Leeds Conservatoire and my tutors at University could not have been more supportive of me. My passion for a career in the music industry shifted towards the healthcare industry and representing Teenage and young adults going through their diagnosis. Since graduating I’ve written for the British Medical Journal and worked with the National Cancer Research Institute and Teenage Cancer Trust as an advocate for young people in the same position that I was in. I’ve recently landed my first official job in a healthcare setting as a Medical Receptionist which I hope is the start of a long and fulfilling career. However my interest and passion for music is on-going and I hope to continue making music and collaborating with producers and musicians in the future

I’ve not yet spent my voucher as I’m saving up to move out to Leeds by summer 2022. I’m going to buy something lovely for my first flat that will remind me of receiving this award in which I am so grateful for."

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