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This directory has been produced to allow anyone seeking a music course in the UK or Ireland to locate, contact and compare education centres running those courses in their region.

Click on the link to view all of the directory databases.

The database is structured as follows -
  1. Firstly by region (London, Sth Eng, Midlands, Nth Eng, Scotland, Wales, Ireland).
  2. Then by subject area (Business : music business and cultural theory, Creative : music performance and composition, Tech : music technology and production).
  3. Finally by level of study (Higher Education – degree level, Further Education – college qualifications, training courses).
Hence each regional database starts with HE business qualifications (UNIV – Business) and ends with training courses in technology and production (TRAINING – Tech).
The industry links included in the databases indicate the following –
JAMES - Industry Accreditation - www.jamesonline.org.uk
MAP - Member of UK Music’s Music Academic Partnership network - www.ukmusic.org/education-skills/music-academic-partnership-map
MMF - Music Managers Forum Educational Associate - themmf.net
IVORS - IVORS Academy (for music creators) youth network partners and affiliates - ivorsacademy.com
AIM - Members of the Association of Independent Music - www.aim.org.uk/#

The information provided allows the user to link directly to the establishment websites and contact email addresses for the courses they believe to be the most relevant to their career aspirations. Once in contact with an education centre, the potential student is advised to ask relevant questions of the education provider, including :-
  • What music facilities do they have ?
  • What industry experience and qualifications do the staff team possess ?
  • What are the placement opportunities ?
  • What are the international opportunities ?
  • What percentage of former students are now working professionally in music ?
  • What type of employment are they engaged in ?
  • What will the course cost ?
Additionally we would advise all prospective students to visit several establishments in order to view and compare facilities, meet the staff team and gain an understanding of the content and direction of the teaching programme. In this way you will gain a clearer picture of what each course can offer and make an informed choice.

Undertaking a music education programme could give you a significantly better start in the professional music environment. However, it may take many years and incur significant cost. It is vital that you make the correct decision in order to give yourself the best chance of success in a vibrant but competitive set of industries.
Good Luck,

Allan Dumbreck
(Editor / originator, MED)

©Ariadne Publications / UK Music 2021

Editor : Allan Dumbreck (Ariadne Research / UWS)
Researchers : Hannah Thorne / Allan Dumbreck (Ariadne Research / UWS)
Thanks to : Oliver Morris (UK Music), Phil Harding & Tony Andrews (JAMES), Chris Walters (MU).

* This directory intends to be a complete record of UK education and training for the professional music industries. If you are aware of any omissions or potential amendments please contact the editor - allan.dumbreck@uws.ac.uk

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