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So, your child is considering joining one of the many Music Industry courses and you are possibly a little concerned. Are these courses of any real value? What are the chances of getting a job in the Music Industry anyway?

Student debt currently averaging £37,000 and rising.
More Students are questioning the ‘value for money’ of courses
The Independent body that deals with student complaints in England & Wales says, “It is dealing with a significant rise in the number of cases – which have doubled over recent years and rising.”
partents questioning
JAMES is made up of dedicated industry professionals who have long and successful careers in the Music and Entertainment Industries. We are very much aware that many of the routes we took are no longer available to today’s youngsters.

A university education is a big investment of time and money.

JAMES aims to ensure through its accreditation scheme that courses provide up to date, industry relevant skills, delivered in fit for purpose facilities.

We are concerned that not all courses have sufficient dialogue with industry to provide the employment skills of those industries and thereby the needs of your child.

When invited to accredit courses, we look for a broad base of transferable skills to equip students who may change their career aspirations or may not enter the Music and Entertainment Industry.

There are many institutions offering many courses. Check the course ratings using the DiscoverUni web site. You will find every undergraduate course listed and you can compare the feedback from previous students. (Remember the numbers are just a guide for comparison to other courses and should not be seen as exact representation).

It is highly recommended that you and your child visit the university or college and tour the campus, facilities and go prepared to ask questions.

Student support and wellbeing are an important part of university welfare provision and support information relevant to Music and Media Industries, can be found within our Resources website pages including crucial Hearing Protection guidance.

The transition from school life at home to university life away from home is a big one. We would encourage both you and your child to read the Student Minds “Transitions” document, (click to open pdf file) found on our Wellbeing page.. This goes a long way to mentally prepare students for the culture jump and understand the expectations they will have to deal with.

Look for the JAMES accredited logo on college and university prospectus and ask when making your enquiries, “Are you currently or are you planning to become industry accredited?”

If you need any further information, please contact us by using our Careers Advice Contact Form.

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