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What is JAMES CPD?
It is a cliché, but never the less dramatically true, that the Music and Entertainment Industries are rapidly changing and evolving. It is vital that knowledge of these technological and organisational changes are passed on to teachers, careers officers and learners as quickly as possible.

Examples are changes in copyright, the role of industry organisations and what employers expect from applicants not only in terms of knowledge but also in terms of attitude and personal skills.

To pass on this information about how our industry works, JAMES CPD is being developed by working professionals and academics who are keen to see that not only the years of professional experience are not lost to future generations but also that learners are adequately prepared for the realities of work in our industries. Marketing, entrepreneurial skills and basic business procedures are examples of areas that learners need for future survival and resilience in their chosen direction.

JAMES has been working closely with several awarding bodies so that these changes are reflected in new qualifications. CPD is being developed to facilitate the delivery of these areas.

JAMES CPD will be relevant, educationally inspiring, creative and fun. Depending on demand JAMES CPD will be available regionally.

Who can take part in JAMES CPD?
All teachers and lecturers in FE/HE and in schools who need to know latest professional techniques and gain industry knowledge. You might also be an industry professional who wants to teach.

Why is JAMES CPD particularly cool?
Because JAMES wants your input so that we can create the courses that you need. It will be a true innovative partnership between educators and industry.

How do I participate in JAMES CPD?
JAMES is aware that there has, historically, been extreme funding difficulties in delivering and attending CPD. We are also aware that the careers advice service has been on the point of collapse.

JAMES is attempting to redress these issues but we need to hear from individuals and organisations who are willing to organise CPD events and gather people together.

Write to David Ward through this contact page and let us know your thoughts and how we all can collaborate.

David Ward
Executive Director JAMES

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